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Staff Training and Development Software

Ensure staff competence to achieve compliance, manage safety and improve operational performance with Ideagen's Staff Training and Development Software

  • Engage the HR function in quality, compliance and safety management
  • Manage and report on training records all in one place
  • Automatic alerts and escalation in the event of non-compliance
  • Records management for employees and HR processes
  • Integrated management of policies and procedures

Demonstrating employee competence and capability has always been a challenge to regulated organisations. Progress from simple record holding to complete competency management

Find Opportunities to Improve Performance

Features include:

  • Ability to record and update training plans.
  • Reporting to demonstrate competency.
  • Plan ahead of training events.
  • Ability to integrate email to alert staff about upcoming or overdue events or actions.
  • Direct access to compliance actions from a central register reduces management effort and completion time for actions.
  • The Document Control and the Competence capabilities are tightly linked. In the event that a policy or process changes, those who are affected are identified by the system that then executes the appropriate workflow.
  • Events are tracked through to conclusion

Ideagen’s Training and Competence solutions provide a user-friendly way to demonstrate compliance, improve operational performance and manage competency risks.

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The module allows us to build a training and competence package for each member of staff according to their roles and responsibilities. Appropriate training courses and training sessions are attached to their records, and again the module is used to schedule courses and training sessions, keeping records of who has attended and who needs to attend

Beverley Barker, Pathology Quality Manager at The London Clinic

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